Crisis Communication: Patricia Arquette Stands for women equality ONLY

Credit: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images via
Credit: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images via

Winning an Oscar is the highest honor for an actor/actress in Hollywood. Using that winning moment as a platform to talk about an issue is most admirable.

I watched a clip of Patricia Arquette giving an interview after her acceptance speech at the 2015 Oscars, implying that supporters of gay rights and minority rights should focus more on support women’s rights.

Now of course there are several issues going on in the world. Celebrities generally tend to focus on one specific issue that resonates with the the most and will speak on it when the opportunity presents itself to convey the message across the masses. This chance for Patricia was at the 2015 Oscars on February 22nd. Her speech was empowering but she elaborated in her post-speech interview to the point where others saw her views and issues she supports as “more important” than what’s already mainstream trending issues from her perspective.

Patricia then went to twitter to defend her point.  Her first 3 tweets after February 22 were fine then she made an assumption, questioning why others haven’t supported women’s rights when she clearly supported rights for the LBGT community.

Screenshot 2015-02-23 23.36.38

She then went to state that she didn’t care about if supporters for other issues are pissed, stating on Twitter that wage inequality adversely affects women.

Screenshot 2015-02-23 23.36.48

This was a poor decision on her part in my opinion.  Patricia is basically assuming no one cares for wage equality for women as much as equal rights for minorities or for the LBGT community.

Her message would have been received better if Patricia would have just stayed within her range of highlighting her particular issue of choice instead of comparing it to other issues that she is not as passionate about, clearly.  To some of the public Patricia only highlighted that she is already a privileged women who is white so her stands may appear to be an attempt to be even more privileged.  Some would debate on the importance of being more privileged versus not even having the chance to be privileged at all.  A good example of that is how The Academy selects their nominees for Oscar categories, clearly showing a lack of diverse nominees in the 2015 pool…but that’s another blog post.

Wage inequality for women also affects minority women and LBGT women so it would appear that this was not considered to have a negative consequence when she requested all others to stand for wage inequality when those affected by wage inequality stood for minority and gay rights.  How would one go about measuring this anyway?  If there are surveys measuring what percentage of women affected by wage inequality supported minority rights, PLEASE send me the link.

Point that should be taken:  It’s fine to focus on one thing at a time and remember nothing is a competition when resolving issues.  As long as all issues find resolution, they should be regarding as marathons, not races.  It will take time and patience for a resolution to be determined.  At this point, Patricia should acknowledge that her remarks were taken out of context and apologize for any assumptions that were made on her part as well as the media’s part.  She should then continue to focus on her passion platform: wage inequality for ALL women.

Super Bowl Commercials: The Hype before Kickoff

Every year a wonderful event occurs in sports. The  Super Bowl is broadcasted to millions of viewers. However a growing number of viewers, each year, look forward to the commercials instead of the actual game.


Yes that’s right, each year more viewers of the Super Bowl can’t wait to see the brand new commercials from multiple brands and companies. Each year you can expect to see ads from companies such as Pepsi, Doritos, a car brand like Mercedes, and Budweiser.  In more recent years however, companies will release the commercial days before the big premiere.  For brands is it really the best thing to do?

If a Super Bowl commercial is aired prior to the big game, say on another outlet such as YouTube, then you will definitely get some excitement and have people talking before the game. This can be great but it’s no longer the bright and shiny toy anymore when its watched again during the Super Bowl. Other commercials who weren’t pre-released will be the talk of the game.

Or brands can decide to take a completely different spin on a pre-release, like did prior to Super Bowl 2015.

courtesy of released their Super Bowl commercial early titled “Journey Home” featuring a cute puppy named Buddy. Buddy was lost but eventually found his way home, only then to be sold via the owner’s online site built from  The ad was intended to poke fun at Budweiser’s Super Bowl 2014 ad.  In the end it showed insensitivity and inhumane practices.

Clearly the brand’s intended purpose for advertising “Journey Home” was to make people laugh or poke fun at others.  If you remember previous Super Bowl ads, the is notorious for featuring racy, sometimes dingy women with usually the commercials ending in a call-to-action for viewers to visit their website to see “what happens next.”

Thousands were outraged, so much so that they started an online petition to have the commercial pulled from airing during the Super Bowl. decided to pull the ad on its own and mentioned viewers will still see during the Super Bowl however I’m quite sure they’re happy that they’re getting more hits to their website.

Cassandra’s perspective:  Brands pre-releasing their Super Bowl ads before the big game can sometimes be huge spoiler. Unless you want to stir up a big controversy, or marketing ploy like (but I have a feeling they won’t be in the trenches for long), why not experience the excitement of the game and the new commercials all at once?  I like tweeting about the commercials after each one airs so that I can see what others think as well.  Live in the moment!

Crisis Management: Bill Cosby

Well 2014 has proven to be the year of scandals.  From domestic violence, racially-based shootings, child abuse, and now rape allegations. It appears Bill Cosby has quite the situation on his hands.  Several women have come forward accusing famous comedy Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them.  Complex has even made a summary list of alleged victims of Bill Cosby’s actions.

Bill Cosby

It was after comedian Hannibal Buress called Cosby a rapist during one of his stand up shows that opened the flood gates for Cosby’s alleged victims.  Their stories are frightening similar: Cosby would put something in their drinks to make them pass out losing their basic motor skills, where Cosby would then rape them.

The comedian’s reputation is now basically destroyed.  NBC has cancelled his pilot, the one where he was in the process of promoting when all of his appearances began to get cancelled once the allegations came to light again.  Netflix has pulled his stand up special.  No company wants to be associated with such drama, even if it is not true.  Unfortunately whether Cosby actually performed these acts, the statute of limitations on just about each victim’s case, has expired.  Even if Cosby was to be convicted now, the length of prison time the 77 year old would face would probably not bring justice for his victims.

I think one of the bad developments of this case is that people, not that it is anything new, are now blaming the victims for not speaking up sooner.  This is the thing that I can understand from their point of view.  Bill Cosby was a power, successful entertainer.  If they were to have come forward, who would believe them?  It is also possible that the fact that these women realizing that they are not the only victim to Mr. Cosby’s betrayal of their friendship and kindness.  These women are coming forward because people has denied the truthfulness of these accusations.  Coming forward all at once, with the same story of how the abuse played out, speaks volumes…like an army of sorts.  A stand against bashing the truth.  It’s very doubtful that ALL of these accusations are false.  No Cosby may not ever pay for his alleged actions by a trial of his peers but he will pay with his reputation.  Cosby was the all American good dad back in the 80’s.  That description will no longer be his legacy.  Even if he were to overcome all of this in some sort of miraculous way, the media will never let him live it down.  Check out the TMZ chose to announce the recent death of Mayor Marion Barry.

Women and Media

I am taking “Introduction to Sociology” at UNCG and one of our assignments this week was to watch a documentary called “Killing Us Softly” by Jean Kilbourne. Jean Kilbourne has realized back in 1979 that the media has displayed women in a certain “eye” in the media. Advertisements, commercials, and movies are all subject to women display as an “object” rather than a “subject.” Women are lesser than man is in the media. The media degrades women more so than it degrades men.

Look at the image above. Can you see how this can offend women? A man has a woman pinned how and the woman looks as if she is trying to get free, which is why her lower body is off the floor. There are other men standing around her, as if they were waiting their turn. In addition, there are others, plenty of them. Some communicate violence towards women as the one shown above and others portray women as a perfect image that everyone should maintain: flawless skin, certain hairstyles, small waist, and small butt or sometimes and bigger bottom, and big breasts. This is why so many women starting in adolescence are having eating disorders. Before a girl hits puberty, she is comfortable with the way she looks. During puberty, she has insecurities and questions her body because of how the media or how everyone else says their body should be. “You’re too fat”, “you’re too skinny” are terms a girl in middle school should not have to hear from fellow classmates. Why is it so hard to accept people the way they are. Without touch-ups, make-up, and Shapeups, the models and celebrities would be just like 99% of the rest of the world, normal and that should be ok but is it? NOOOOOO! The media holds them on a certain pedestal that if they do not have clear skin, or a small body frame, then they will criticize and shun them.