The ONE Thing Every Brand Needs to be Successful

If you don’t know by now from some of my posts, I’m a huge Beyoncé fan.  Beyoncé made headlines soon after her 35th birthday for postponing one of her shows from her Formation world tour per doctor’s orders. Unfortunately, thousands of fans were affected in the process. The songstress just came off the first leg of her Formation world tour with little rest. In addition to her multi-city stops in her second leg, she schedule two award show performances: one at the 2016 BET Awards and her most recent at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

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As Beyoncé accepted her award for Video of the Year for her music video “Formation” which dropped back in February, she struggled to keep a steady tone as she spoke. She just gave the performance of her life and it is obvious during her acceptance speech that her vocal chords were exhausted. It sounded like she was beginning losing her voice. It shouldn’t have come as no surprise her singing abilities for the MetLife Stadium concert in New Jersey would have been deeply impacted as well as the remaining shows to soon follow after, had she now decided to postpone her show.

Touring for months on end can take its toll on a performer. Not being able to do your job really sucks and the songstress made sure she thanked her fans for their patience via her Instagram profile.

Janet Jackson is another artist who was ordered to postpone her recent tour per doctor’s orders. The singer is now pregnant with her first child, at the age of 49. Getting pregnant itself is a miracle, especially after a certain age. It was important for her and her husband to start a family and her body doesn’t need the added stress.

Sir Richard Branson takes a holiday every August to ensure health and happiness. The billionaire offers unlimited vacation to his employees and believes if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.

From a 2014 survey of over 1,000 employed people, 41% do not plan on using all of their vacation time. The top 5 reasons people leave vacation days unused:

  1. Fear of returning to a mountain of work (40%)
  2. The belief that nobody else can do the job (35%)
  3. Inability to afford taking time off (33%)
  4. Fear of being seen as replaceable (22%)
  5. To show greater dedication to the company and the job (28%)

America has fostered a workaholic culture; some to show their dedication while others feel that no one can adequately aid in their duties if an issue arise that they’re not there to solve themselves. Whether you feel pressured to “show commitment” or you can’t afford to take off, you must step away for your own sake. Stress can cause burnout and resentment towards your daily duties. Returning from even a brief leave of absence can make you feel refreshed with a new view of how to execute the things you need to do.

7 Tips on Successfully Packing for a Business/Vacation Trip

Many of us in public relations feel like taking a vacation when we go weeks/months working countless hours on the computer, stressful planning of events, and just plain long hours of work. When finally deciding where to go for vacation, some may realize other opportunities may present itself in which you will have to put on your work hat again. Here are 7 tips to capitalize off packing clothes that can be use for business and pleasure:

1. Remember you are only going to be away for a finite number of days. Have backups but don’t pack your entire wardrobe for a four day vacation.
2. In reference to tip 1, to help lighten your suitcase load, take pictures of each outfit so that you know what you will be wearing each day. Also take note of what you will be doing each day and plan each outfit accordingly.
3. Check the weather for your destination a few days before departing. Remember, even paradise has it’s rainy days.
4. Capitalize off your shoes! Ladies, your black or nude heels can go with multiple outfits, business and pleasure. This will lead you to a lighter load.
5. If you are trying to pack all of your belongings in a carry-on bag/suitcase so that you don’t have to pay checked bag fees and you have to have that extra shirt or pair of shoes, utilize the space in your purse or computer bag.
6. Ponder on if it’s necessary to pack multiple outfits for each day.
7. Layer your clothes together to save space while packing.  For instance, lay all of your shirts on top of each other on your bed and fold them together.  Do the same of your bottoms and undergarments.

Remember these tips and you will thank yourself later during your vacation when you didn’t over-pack with multiple clothing choices that you didn’t wear.

Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

This past weekend I went on vacation on a cruise to The Bahamas. I went with some friends from high school and we planned months for this trip. We all needed some sun and fun. A couple of us flew out early Thursday to spend the day in Miami before we cruised out Friday evening.

When the two of us got there, we waited two hours for the hotel shuttle to come get us. Apparently all the chain hotels had shuttles coming every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes. The name of the hotel we booked with was The Best Miami Hotel. Do you see where I am going with this? -_-

The shuttle goes right pass us the first time and when he finally got to us, he was mad at us because we wasn’t where they told us to be. We stood where all the shuttles were to pick up people. It took 45 minutes to drive from the airport to the hotel when it should have only taken no more than 20. We get there, the place looked old and run down. They didn’t keep the pool clean and it was full of leaves. They closed down one part of the hotel because the balcony had ended and was under construction. Then guest services told us we had to pay a different price than what we agreed as a down payment. I thought the room was going to get better, it didn’t.

The room was a mess and it didn’t have a telephone book where we could call other hotels. We had to find our way with our mobile phones that were dying and the room didn’t have enough outlets. We even walked around to see any restaurants near that we felt comfortable walking back to the hotel in the dark. After everything went under for us we made up this lie to get back to the airport so we could get our deposit back. We ate at the airport after not eating since early that morning and found a room near the airport that thankfully had shuttle service to the Port of Miami and a continental breakfast.

The next morning after everyone else arrived late that night, we went in the lobby to wait for the shuttle. It was 45 minutes late. When it finally came, the driver was really stressed out because the shuttle that originally planned to pick us up got into an accident and he just kept sighing and putting his head in his hand. We had thought he was crazy because he kept doing this weird hand signal (and one of my friends does a great impression of it LOL).

Finally we get to the cruise ship and get through security. We are on the deck of the ship at noon and it doesn’t leave until 6pm. From that time we waited on our luggage to get to our rooms and went on the deck to eat at one of their free buffets. They also had a cookout at 5pm. There was a live band and I finally felt like I was on vacation. Some of us got up and dance while the band was playing and we was have a good time. We got in the jacuzzi and stayed until we left the port.

The next day, unfortunately for us, it rained. By the time we had woke up, we had arrived at The Great Stir Up Island that the cruise line  owned. The ship had to stay out in the ocean so it didn’t get stuck in shallow waters so there was smaller boats to take us from the ship to the island. It had not stop raining by that time. On the way there, the boat rocked so much from the winds and rain that I thought it was going to flip over. I was literally scared out of my mind because I don’t know how to swim. By the time we had got to the island the rain was much heavier and we just decided to take a few pictures and head on back to the ship without getting off the boat. Again we had to endure the ride back to the cruise ship and again, we got scared because not only did the boat rock, we had to stop the boat completely to wait for the other boat to leave, twice!

Riding to the Great Stir Up island

After getting back on the ship we got in the jacuzzi and got some ice cream and fresh fruit (which was one of the best things about the cruise). That night we had planned on going to the karaoke event and the white party event as well as a 2 for 1 martini event. After having martini’s we went to karaoke. That was a funny moment because one of my friends actually did it by herself. She usually would not do it but hey, we were on vacation and we weren’t going to see these people again.

After leaving karaoke, we went to the White Party, in our normal clothes. We knew they weren’t going to kick us out because we knew everybody didn’t bring an all white outfit. Low and behold a quarter of the people there had on all different types of colors. We had a ball at that party. Not only did we not have on white, we did not have on a night outfit. It was so much fun. We went to bed hoping for a brighter day on Nassau, Bahamas.

It was not a brighter day  in Nassau. It rained the entire trip but we were going on the island this time. You can’t let a little rain ruin your vacation. It is all about how you make your experience. We even made fashionable rain outfits out of trash bags! Some of us had on dresses, cardigans, and coats made out of a plastic bag. It was hilarious and we dressed it up with accessories like belts. When we got off the ship we ran to the island, which we didn’t need to do because there were shuttles taking us from the ship to the entrance of the island. We got wet for nothing but we kept pressing on.

I shopped for most of my family there and it was all tax-free. I was even able to bargain with the shop workers to give me lower prices. Something told me that they would accept a little bit less better than nothing at all. I was victorious LOL!

Me and the NCL Ship.

After leaving the island, the ship ran into some rocky waves that made everyone on board sway. It was sickening to experience sea sickness and can’t do anything about it but ride it out. The very last day, we all dressed up in our best and went to a nice dinner in one of the cruise ship’s restaurants. The food was good but the desserts were amazing. By that time, we were all ready to be in use of our cell phones. I personally liked being cut off from the rest of my world. No boss calling me on my vacation, no Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, emails or phone calls disturbing my peace.

On the second day, my favorite part of the whole trip was falling asleep in the jacuzzi. You see it was raining hard and everybody wanted to leave and get dry except me and one of my best friends. We had the jacuzzi all to ourselves and we actually end up falling asleep. I felt comfort in the cool raining hitting my face and chest while the rest of my body laid in warm bubbling water. I prayed real quick right then and thanked God for giving me this experience.

Even though we didn’t see the sun only one time during that vacation, it taught me that you can’t let little things rain on your parade. Even though the first hotel misled themselves on the internet and all the waiting we did, we had every intention to have a fun and memorable trip and we did. So much fun was had in just sitting in the room and chatting about the good times and bad periods in high school. We laughed so much.

Have you had a moment where it didn’t turn out like you thought? Comment and tell me about it!

This is important for public relations because while something may appear different on the outside, it is important to expose the goodness behind it all and bring it to light. It will not be sunny every day in the Caribbean just like it is a good chance that your client will not always experience good p.r.

Check out other pictures from our trip:

Even in the rain, paradise is beautiful