Breaking Bad…News that is! How to Soften the Blow


It’s never good to receive bad news. To actually be the one to deliver the bad news can also bring an unsettling feeling to one’s stomach. No one wants to hear bad news without understanding how or why something happened the way did. Here are critical steps to cushion the impact:

1). Own up to the mistake if one is quickly identified. In the distribution industry, if a carrier missed a delivery appointment, then one would follow up with the carrier to understand what happened.

2). Shoot first, ask questions later. But shoot with precision!! Figuring out what your Plan B will be to finish the task at hand is vital. Being able to come up with a solution can help ease the delivery of bad news. Time may be of the essence in most cases. One example would be having a case of gloves go missing that is also no longer available at the vendor.

3). Research the nitty, gritty facts. Find an alternative approach, then figure out if multiple parties involved will be responsible. A “major key” (DJ Khaled would hopefully approve of the use of this term) would be to understand 5 W’s of the issue: who, what, when, where, why. Please don’t forget the “how.”

4). Summarize the timeline of the task. Summarize the timeline in an email. Doing this task can help clear any lingering confusion for all parties involved.

Being able to solve problems increases more opportunities for your personal brand. It make you a resourceful person and that makes people want to work with you more and more!

What key tips do you find most useful in delivering unsettling news?

EnGROSSed in Social Media

Social Media Overload

I’m realizing that I since I don’t have time to check my social media during the day due to my duties at work, I spend my free time at home on and off of my different social media sites until I go to sleep. I watch the news to keep up on current events in the morning before work and I surf through my social media sites to keep up on pop culture after work.

In my mind, sometimes if I don’t check my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram at least once a day, then I’ve missed everything.  I hate being late on receiving news. I spend less time reading and more time on a computer, which is shocking because I stay on my computer all day at work which is no fun for my eyes.  Fortunately for me, my job keeps me so busy that I don’t have time to check my phone during the day, much less my social media pages.  By the time I get home I’ve considered myself late in receiving all the relevant pop culture news so sometimes I don’t bother checking Instagram.  This is one step towards unplugging.

The internet is wonderful however you can ALWAYS find information and news.  It’s good to take a break and unplug.  I want to focus on reading and dancing in the little free time that I have.

Do you need to cut back on social media?  What would you like to focus on doing instead of looking at your phone or computer?

Mega Millions Lotto

The Lottery is at a record $500 Million Dollars! The odds of winning is 1 in 176 million. Many people have been talking about what they would do with their money. Here is what I would do:

Above all-contact a lawyer, accountant, and financial people.

1. Help out my mother, family, & loved ones

2. Pay my rent off until my lease ends. That will give me time to figure out where to move when my lease is over.

3. Buy a car

4. SHOP!


6. Start a couple of businesses and invest in a couple of businesses

7. Set aside money for my kids (which by the way I have none of at the moment)

8. Save the rest

Many people I’ve spoken too know exactly what they want to do with their money. Me…while I like to make money, I try not to think about money even though it’s a necessity in today’s society. Sometimes it seems unrealistic to have plans about winning the lottery because more likely than not, you won’t win it. I’d rather have plans for planned checks that I will receive in the near future.

Can bad lead to fame? Put the focus on the most important.

Today is June 25, 2011. It marks the 2 year anniversary of the late Michael Jackson’s death. It was a day many will remember as one of the saddest because we lost someone iconic who can never duplicate him.

Today was also a day that I was to attend my first dance class since I stopped dancing in high school. Unfortunately, when I get to the studio, no one was even there. Instead, I came back home and learned the choreography to Ciara’s “Work” feat. Missy Elliot by a dancer named Brooklyn Jai. He is amazing and I found him on YouTube through actress Francia Raisa, who is also a dancer.

Well all that dancing around with no food on my stomach gave me a huge migraine and I had to get out the light. I looked at my phone and thought I saw someone saying Happy Birthday Michael Jackson. That’s when I also decided to say it but then I realized after I tweeted it, today wasn’t his birthday but the day he passed. Too late.

Twitter went crazy with people laughing and responding with very rude comments. One mistake lead many people to retweet what I tweeted. It’s amazing how fast a tweet can travel, especially the ones we CHOOSE to retweet.

Have you ever thought about the many people that are promoting a good cause, or asking for advice, or even trying to find a missing person via social media? I find it unbelieveable how the devil really has taken over the world. People will retweet a stupid tweet until they make fun of a person so bad that they will get so much attention to the point of being famous but won’t retweet to help find a missing person. It can happen and trust me, I do not want to be famous, especially off of tweeting something that was a mistake and isn’t factual. Instead of focusing on “how stupid one person is” or calling someone a “dumbass” off of a mistake, which everyone makes, why can’t we use what we have for a good cause?

I’m sure some of you on Twitter have seen a tweet either from or about @NewsOnLaurenS. There is a girl named Lauren Spierer and she has been missing since June 3, 2011 and a twittername has been established just to help spread the word to find her. How many of you decided to retweet that message you got from @NewsOnLaurenS to get more people aware? Did you care or did you ignore it? What if that person was your friend or relative? Wouldn’t you want people to at least KNOW about it? Don’t let the devil take over your thought process. Trust me, seeing how fast news travels on the internet, your tweets matter!

I know if Michael was alive today, he would want everyone to give back. Well do that! Go volunteer and be selfless. It doesn’t take much to give back. If you could follow @NewsOnLaurenS and just retweet ONE tweet then I know he would be proud.

Help find Lauren by following @NewsonLaurenS and retweet them to spread the word.

R.I.P Michael Joseph Jackson August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009