The Beyoncé Brand serves “Lemonade” as we’re about to DIE of Thirst!

Yes, another post about Beyoncé but who can blame me?! She is a marketing genius!

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Everyone was tuned into HBO for the world premiere of Beyoncé’s expected album “Lemonade.” After she dropped her single and video for “Formation” right before her Super Bowl 50 performance with Cold Play and Bruno Mars, the “Beyhive” knew she had something special in the works. Who knew she would have a Formation tour but everyone knew then that she has an album ready to share with the world. What artist can sell out a world tour prior to even dropping the album?!

Due to her controversial performance paying homage to the Black Panther Party to emphasize freedom from oppression of any form, she instantly gained so much publicity that you had no choice but to try to go to her concert to see if you can get answers (or an apology depending on if you want to #boycottbeyonce)…but to go to a concert and not know any lyrics? That’s why when Beyoncé hinted at her next project, “Lemonade” she knew we’d drink it all up!

Beyoncé famously doesn’t give interviews any longer, with the exception much to my surprise with her recent Elle magazine cover feature. Her music conveys relationship infidelities and trust issues and many are speculating if they are based on fact or fiction.

What I love about Beyoncé’s music is that you’ll never get the true answer because her lyrics have depth, and can mean more than one thing. Not only does her lyrics have controversy, we all know so does her life. Everyone remembers the infamous elevator footage of her sister, Solange, attacking her husband, Jay-Z. The family has issued a bland statement asking the public to respect their privacy, without offering any answers. She has also had previous issues with her father and her father has had infidelity issues of his own….maybe some of the lyrics are written in a different perspective.

Either way, good or bad, you can’t go a week without seeing Beyoncé in the news. She keeps a publicist to work with creative ways to distribute her message rather than the traditional way we’re all use to. From surprise albums to surprise movies and world tours, the Beyoncé brand is never predictable. Maybe her next album will be a full-on Tony award-winning production on Broadway!

FYI as an active member of the Beyhive, I will be attending her Raleigh, NC show tonight!  What do you love about Beyoncé’s marketing tactics?


There is a ton of talent in the world. Many want their share of fame and fortune in the entertainment industry. The problem is most aspiring artists are blending in with what is current and trending instead of trying to set a new standard that many will never get discovered. Even if the artist gets discovered, it may take longer than it would have if the artist would have had their own image. Once they finally have some shine based on the current trend, the next “trend” has already begun to work it’s way through the industry and the artist will again have to adjust to stay relevant.

This can be avoided by differentiation. The artist with their branding team will need to understand what sets them a part from all of the other talent in their category. What works for Justin Bieber may not work for August Alsina, even though both artists are truly talented in the R&B music industry. Lets take a quick look into how August Alsina’s image differs from Justin Bieber’s:

August Alsina

August Alsina
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  • Starting posting on YouTube and following grew
  • Got into drug dealing before being discovered
  • Released other mix tapes previous before his official first release
  • One released studio featured album
  • Newer to the entertainment industry compared to Justin Bieber
  • Preparing for this first official tour

Justin Bieber

justin bieber
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  • Started posting on YouTube and following grew
  • No released mix tapes prior to first official album release
  • Four released studio albums to date
  • Has had a longevity in the music industry compared to August having finished a worldwide tour that lasted over a year
  • Got into legal trouble after speculation of drug and alcohol abuse

As you can see these two artists are very different in their careers.  August Alsina has opportunities coming his way so he can focus on to further his career.  Justin Bieber has to deal with the legal troubles from his DUI arrest in Florida and his infamous egg throwing incident to one of his California neighbors.

The media loves to report chaos and negativity for sales and website hits.  Until Bieber resolves all of his legal issues, he will continue to be followed by the paparazzi in hopes that they can catch the next chaotic thing Justin will do.  It’s unfortunate that rising talent will have to fight to get media attention for the good things that they’re trying to do but that is the way the media world works.

Outer appearance is a part of the image, along with the artist’s story.  For Justin Bieber he was a cute 15 year old with adorable hair and everyone wanted to interview him. All talk shows wanted to have Bieber perform on their shows.  An artist’s image should invite journalists and reporters to want to get to know you better.  For August Alsina you will usually see him in sunglasses.  This could prompt journalists and reporters to ask more questions as this can be seen to some people as “hiding” from the public.  Either way, it welcomes people to ask questions to get a better understanding.  Now August Alsina is more open either wearing fake glasses or not wearing any at all.

How can an artist get more media coverage about the GOOD things they are doing?  Consider hiring a publicist to help figure out how to not only set the artist a part but how to STAND OUT from the competition.  It is important to understand what image the artist will  want to portray with the media so the media can tell the artist’s story for them.

Side note: I’m doing freelance work for Elvie G PR out of Los Angeles, CA.  Are you a musician that needs public relations work? Please contact me at to see what we can do for your brand/image!


#Smartmarketing Beyonce’s Surprise to the World!

Image  #nomarketing = #smartmarketing

All year Beyonce had to listen to complaints from just about everyone because she has not debut new music.  Well in her words….”SURPRISE”!!! Beyonce shocked the world and drops a visual, self-titled album last night while everyone was sleeping.  No marketing or promotion beforehand from the “Flawless” singer, nor was it really required.  Already, Beyonce is number 1 in multiple countries (see my repost instagram pic from her stylist Ty Hunter @Johnson_Cassie).  This is just part 1 and it’s all because of her supportive fans, also known as the Beyhive.

I really loved the fact that Beyonce featured Ashley Everett, my favorite backup dancer, in her Heaven video not only as a dancer but as an actress.  Another favorite of mine, Todrick Hall, choreographed part of Beyonce’s Blow video and was also a featured guest star!  Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, even had credit as an artist!

#smartmarketing #genuismarketing

My favorite songs at the moment are Flawless, Drunk in Love, and Blow.  Ghost is visually my favorite video.

What is your favorite song and video from the new album?

Spammers Beware!


spammersSpammers can be the most annoying people online ever!  You may notice that as your social media followers continue to grow, so does your visibility with spammers.  They see continual growth on your pages and use the key words that you post to target you for what ever they are trying to promote.

Personally, I block every single spammer that decides to tag me on a post.  No, I don’t need new followers because I’ll just grow them the old fashion way, with one tweet at a time.  No, I don’t want to listen to your music because I have a preference and my own things to promote (without spamming by the way.)

The only time spamming has worked on me was when someone I didn’t know tagged me in a post promoting a singer that appeared on a TV show.  When I went to look at the “spammer’s” Twitter page, I saw that they were really trying to go about a different way of “spamming” by having conversations with the people they tag.  Deciding to take a risk, I listened to this singer (@micaparris) and fell in love with her music.  We now follow each other and I wish her well on her journey towards reaching her goals.

If you HAVE to spam people, take heed to a little advice.

  • Don’t spam using back-to-back tweets with different users based off of a keyword search.
  • Do your keyword search, write down a listen of users and target them once a day or one tweet every three hours.
  • Don’t just tweet them telling them to listen to your music.ENGAGE in conversation, let them know what you are trying to do and how you are trying to do it. If people see that you have only a handful of followers and you’re following thousands of people, that will be a red flag and a block will be put up towards your profile.