Loss ain’t a Loss, it’s a Lesson

No matter how blessed we are, we still find fault in what we haven’t accomplished yet.  We’re human…it happens… but it is important not to stay in a defeated mode.

Sean Carter a.k.a Jay Z always knows when to get me back on “motivation road.”  His recent album, 4:44, gave plenty of gems for us to take heed.  The album teaches the importance of assets and appreciation (The Story of O.J.) while highlighting barriers to success for certain groups of people (Moonlight) and how we can over come those barriers (Smile).

One of my goals in life as a parent is to leave a legacy for my daughter.  In Jay Z’s track Legacy, featured on 4:44, the song begins with his daughter Blue asking him “Daddy, what’s a will?”  I love how creative he is in the studio, explaining asset management to his five-year old.  While many of us will never experience the level of financial success as power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé, we have our paths to follow to reach what we deem as success.

So I close saying this, no matter how many “no’s” you’re told, just remember God has a bigger plan for you and that path was not meant for you at that time.  Practice patience, persistence and prayer and one day your lesson will soon be realized as an accomplished goal.

Happy Friday!

Note to: Self

The following is a note I had written when I was 18 (so don’t judge of improper grammar lol)  to myself when I decided whenever I decide to look through my high school yearbook.

Note to self

“You have done it. You are finally done with high school. Now it really gets real. You are about to experience the real world. The opportunity has arrived to further your education. Another door is about to open. You must always no matter what happens, put your love and trust into God & your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you put your faith in Them, you’ll be worry-free. Never give up and put your best work in EVERYTHING you do. Don’t settle for less. Give the best and you will receive the best. Don’t forget where you come from. If you remember your roots you will not lose yourself. Never forget who and what has shaped you into becoming the woman you are today. If it wasn’t for them, you would be lost. Most importantly, HAVE FUN !! :)”

My 18-year-old self reminded me of where I started from and where I will be going.  Fascinating out your former self can put things back into perspective and reassure you.

6 days to NYC!