Loss ain’t a Loss, it’s a Lesson

No matter how blessed we are, we still find fault in what we haven’t accomplished yet.  We’re human…it happens… but it is important not to stay in a defeated mode.

Sean Carter a.k.a Jay Z always knows when to get me back on “motivation road.”  His recent album, 4:44, gave plenty of gems for us to take heed.  The album teaches the importance of assets and appreciation (The Story of O.J.) while highlighting barriers to success for certain groups of people (Moonlight) and how we can over come those barriers (Smile).

One of my goals in life as a parent is to leave a legacy for my daughter.  In Jay Z’s track Legacy, featured on 4:44, the song begins with his daughter Blue asking him “Daddy, what’s a will?”  I love how creative he is in the studio, explaining asset management to his five-year old.  While many of us will never experience the level of financial success as power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé, we have our paths to follow to reach what we deem as success.

So I close saying this, no matter how many “no’s” you’re told, just remember God has a bigger plan for you and that path was not meant for you at that time.  Practice patience, persistence and prayer and one day your lesson will soon be realized as an accomplished goal.

Happy Friday!

#Smartmarketing Beyonce’s Surprise to the World!

Image  #nomarketing = #smartmarketing

All year Beyonce had to listen to complaints from just about everyone because she has not debut new music.  Well in her words….”SURPRISE”!!! Beyonce shocked the world and drops a visual, self-titled album last night while everyone was sleeping.  No marketing or promotion beforehand from the “Flawless” singer, nor was it really required.  Already, Beyonce is number 1 in multiple countries (see my repost instagram pic from her stylist Ty Hunter @Johnson_Cassie).  This is just part 1 and it’s all because of her supportive fans, also known as the Beyhive.

I really loved the fact that Beyonce featured Ashley Everett, my favorite backup dancer, in her Heaven video not only as a dancer but as an actress.  Another favorite of mine, Todrick Hall, choreographed part of Beyonce’s Blow video and was also a featured guest star!  Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, even had credit as an artist!

#smartmarketing #genuismarketing

My favorite songs at the moment are Flawless, Drunk in Love, and Blow.  Ghost is visually my favorite video.

What is your favorite song and video from the new album?