Public Relations for the Newbie

Hello, my name is Cassandra and I am a PR newbie. (everyone else say Hi, Cassandra). I recently made up my mind that my ultimate career goal is to become a publicist with having worked for a PR firm. I’m currently working for a company in their marketing department and only part of my job is public relations. This includes composing/updating media lists, managing content on social media platforms, and executing pitches to different media outlets for my company. We have hired an agency to help our company out that has had more experience in pitching to clients. I am also interning with a PR agency in Chicago as a virtual intern.

This post is for those in the public relations people in the industry. I would like to get your advice in how to start out in the industry.  Where/how should I start?  What would you have done differently starting out?  Any advice would really help and comments are welcomed!  Thanks in advance!

Cassandra 🙂