Being stuck between a rock and a hard place

In your career, there will be times where you will have no choice but to go the extra mile when others will not do just that. What if, those times keep recurring? Should you then make it your job to do someone else’s duties, especially if your duties to communicate updates to the end-user depend upon it?

In most companies, some more than others, each department is interdependent upon each other. Certain fields however rely heavily upon the direct decisions of someone in another department. If the needs of the customer aren’t met because of another department’s decisions, then the company as a whole isn’t supporting the end-user. What’s even worse, you’re stuck delivering the bad news to the client. Here are 3 stress-free tips to make sure the end user’s needs are met:

Plan Ahead – If you know an event or promotion is coming up, make sure you communicate all changes to all affected departments. For instance, if there is a promotion going on for a restaurant that calls for a 42% increase in chicken, I’m sure that change is significant enough to warn your buyers for that item and warn customer service representatives that a large number of orders for chicken should be expected.

Sympathize – make sure the department truly understand what is at stake and also make sure you in turn understand that somethings are completely out of control. Go into a conversation with an open mind and both parties may learn a thing or two.

Let the cards fall where they may – I know this doesn’t sound too great but if you followed up and given an ample amount of time, and you still see things are still going to go wrong due to the other department, it may be best to let it ride but inform you supervisor so they are in the know. You don’t want to be overbearing and tell someone how to do their job, especially if it is outside your job duties. Chances are a supervisor will notice that the ball was dropped and will take future action to keep from letting it drop again.


Author: Cassandra Williams

Public relations and marketing professional. Subscribe to share my journey to fulfilling my dreams as a marketing and public relations professional.

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