Motherhood and PR Part 3: Your Sanity is Important

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On my previous post regarding motherhood and PR, I spoke about gaining new people in your life and working to have a balanced relationship with each of these people. Now we have to focus on one very important aspect in each of these scenarios: YOU!

Before February 24, 2016, I would always voluntarily offer a helping hand. This was especially true at my full-time job working in logistics. I’m also a publicist and of course I work in the best interests of my clients, even if that sometimes meant that you worked on a project longer than you anticipated. Personally, I also made sure certain family members were taken care of if they needed to be somewhere as all of them do not drive.

Not having anything to do on the weekends was the best. Sometimes I would just drive to another city with my husband just to go shopping. Now that we have an infant, we cannot do those things as often as we could. Your days and nights began to get confusing as your sleeping schedule is off trying to feed a newborn. This in turn can affect the work you do for your clients, even if you are on-call and in crisis management mode. Not only do you have to keep up with whatever catastrophe your client intentionally/unintentionally created, you have to keep track of sleeping, eating and even pooping schedules for a baby. Needless to say, you can burn out real quick in the first few days after your baby is born.

Having a great family/support system can be worth a billion dollars. If you have people willingly to assist you in any way after having a baby then utilize them for the sake of your mental stability and well-being. Sometimes you just need an extra hour or two of sleep to get you through the next ten hours while other times you just need to get away for four hours and stroll around Target. Taking your mind off your busy schedule for a little while can help you re-focus on all the moving parts called your life as a working parent. Whenever you feel the sanity road curve back towards the insane path, take a mental and physical break to get back on track.

Author: Cassandra Williams

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