Motherhood and PR Part 1: Gaining a new person in your life

Before February 24, 2016 I was still just myself, even though I was with child. I basically still ate what I wanted to eat, I did what I wanted to do and I still was self-centered with the exception of being married for four months at this stage. With past clients, you have certain boundaries with them when it comes to providing them services such as only working a certain number of hours a month or one-a-week calls, etc.


Some clients are more needy than others but the thing to remember is: your clients NEED you! This applies to a newborn child. Being a mother is the most challenging task yet as someone depends on you for everything! Babies are unable to provide for themselves. It is the job of the parents to make sure the baby’s life is nurtured and protected. A baby cannot eat, poop, bathe and sometimes sleep without someone present to assist.

A publicist can also be thought of as a nurturer to their clients as without them, the client may not adequately provide for themselves in the profession of public relations. Hiring a publicist with specific skill sets can save the client much needed time so they can focus on what they do best. Publicist works with their clients to understand what they are looking for and work to develop a plan to help clients attain goals. Whether it’s the goal of seeking new sales or hoping people would attend their event, the publicist will make sure that the goal is achieved.

Now if only you can be paid to be a parent…. but that’s a different story!


Author: Cassandra Williams

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