Super Bowl Commercials: The Hype before Kickoff

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Every year a wonderful event occurs in sports. The  Super Bowl is broadcasted to millions of viewers. However a growing number of viewers, each year, look forward to the commercials instead of the actual game.


Yes that’s right, each year more viewers of the Super Bowl can’t wait to see the brand new commercials from multiple brands and companies. Each year you can expect to see ads from companies such as Pepsi, Doritos, a car brand like Mercedes, and Budweiser.  In more recent years however, companies will release the commercial days before the big premiere.  For brands is it really the best thing to do?

If a Super Bowl commercial is aired prior to the big game, say on another outlet such as YouTube, then you will definitely get some excitement and have people talking before the game. This can be great but it’s no longer the bright and shiny toy anymore when its watched again during the Super Bowl. Other commercials who weren’t pre-released will be the talk of the game.

Or brands can decide to take a completely different spin on a pre-release, like did prior to Super Bowl 2015.

courtesy of released their Super Bowl commercial early titled “Journey Home” featuring a cute puppy named Buddy. Buddy was lost but eventually found his way home, only then to be sold via the owner’s online site built from  The ad was intended to poke fun at Budweiser’s Super Bowl 2014 ad.  In the end it showed insensitivity and inhumane practices.

Clearly the brand’s intended purpose for advertising “Journey Home” was to make people laugh or poke fun at others.  If you remember previous Super Bowl ads, the is notorious for featuring racy, sometimes dingy women with usually the commercials ending in a call-to-action for viewers to visit their website to see “what happens next.”

Thousands were outraged, so much so that they started an online petition to have the commercial pulled from airing during the Super Bowl. decided to pull the ad on its own and mentioned viewers will still see during the Super Bowl however I’m quite sure they’re happy that they’re getting more hits to their website.

Cassandra’s perspective:  Brands pre-releasing their Super Bowl ads before the big game can sometimes be huge spoiler. Unless you want to stir up a big controversy, or marketing ploy like (but I have a feeling they won’t be in the trenches for long), why not experience the excitement of the game and the new commercials all at once?  I like tweeting about the commercials after each one airs so that I can see what others think as well.  Live in the moment!


Author: Cassandra Williams

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