Brown For Black

WARNING: This post does reflect my viewpoint on the result of the decision of the grand jury of the Darren Wilson case.  Any racist comments or undertones will NOT be approved for display on my blog.

With the result of the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson for the murder for Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a nation bonded together and decided to protest shopping the Black Friday sales of the big retail stores across the nation.  Furthermore, these protestors went through malls and stores like Walmart, some even lying on the floor, to the point where the facilities had no place to shut down.

NYC Black Friday Protest

Mashable even recognized that two Macy’s workers at the St. Louis Galleria Mall area walking off their jobs in support of justice for Mike Brown.  We CAN affect change and protesting Black Friday was a start.  I’m ready to see the sales figures for Black Friday 2014 compared to Black Friday 2013.  The public and the media have now so appropriately named November 28, 2014 as Brown Friday.  I personally decided to boycott shopping this Black Friday.  I want to aid in sending the message that if EVERYONE cannot receive fair treatment without discrimination, then no retailer deserves my hard earned money.  As reported by the Chicago SunTimes, the protestors at the Water Tower Plaza in Chicago, “If we don’t get no justice, they don’t get no profits!”

Well played….

Other news coverage:

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