Crisis Management: Bill Cosby

Well 2014 has proven to be the year of scandals.  From domestic violence, racially-based shootings, child abuse, and now rape allegations. It appears Bill Cosby has quite the situation on his hands.  Several women have come forward accusing famous comedy Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them.  Complex has even made a summary list of alleged victims of Bill Cosby’s actions.

Bill Cosby

It was after comedian Hannibal Buress called Cosby a rapist during one of his stand up shows that opened the flood gates for Cosby’s alleged victims.  Their stories are frightening similar: Cosby would put something in their drinks to make them pass out losing their basic motor skills, where Cosby would then rape them.

The comedian’s reputation is now basically destroyed.  NBC has cancelled his pilot, the one where he was in the process of promoting when all of his appearances began to get cancelled once the allegations came to light again.  Netflix has pulled his stand up special.  No company wants to be associated with such drama, even if it is not true.  Unfortunately whether Cosby actually performed these acts, the statute of limitations on just about each victim’s case, has expired.  Even if Cosby was to be convicted now, the length of prison time the 77 year old would face would probably not bring justice for his victims.

I think one of the bad developments of this case is that people, not that it is anything new, are now blaming the victims for not speaking up sooner.  This is the thing that I can understand from their point of view.  Bill Cosby was a power, successful entertainer.  If they were to have come forward, who would believe them?  It is also possible that the fact that these women realizing that they are not the only victim to Mr. Cosby’s betrayal of their friendship and kindness.  These women are coming forward because people has denied the truthfulness of these accusations.  Coming forward all at once, with the same story of how the abuse played out, speaks volumes…like an army of sorts.  A stand against bashing the truth.  It’s very doubtful that ALL of these accusations are false.  No Cosby may not ever pay for his alleged actions by a trial of his peers but he will pay with his reputation.  Cosby was the all American good dad back in the 80’s.  That description will no longer be his legacy.  Even if he were to overcome all of this in some sort of miraculous way, the media will never let him live it down.  Check out the TMZ chose to announce the recent death of Mayor Marion Barry.


Author: Cassandra Williams

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