Penny Vacations

They say your college friends will be your life long friends.  I agree as I keep in contact with and still meet up with my college friends (shoutout to Chri, Trina, Rachael, and all my brothers of the Iota Omega chapter of Delta Sigma Pi).  I also feel that maintaining my friendships with some of the people from high school is also very vital as we’ve come from similar backgrounds as oppose to my college friends.  My two best friends from high school, Brittany and Dee Dee, have helped me understand and realize the importance on maintaining long and meaningful relationships and connections with others.

I met Brittany when I was a sophomore at Northwest Halifax High School.  We both were trying out to be dance girls in the schools marching band called “The Ultimate Sound Machine” and trust me when I say we were ultimate during the 2004-2005 school year, competing in the 4A category in local and state competitions.  My close friends from middle school didn’t share any interests in trying out with me so I had to break out of my comfort zone to pursue something I wanted, alone without any of my then current friends.  My determination and hard work paid off as I made the dance line and good friends with new people in the band.  Dee Dee, one of the most sweetest and caring persons I know, became a dance girl our senior year. We’ve been uncompromisable since then!

It was hard work to continue our friendship as I went off to college at UNCG, Dee Dee at Winston Salem Statue University (only twenty minutes from me!) while Brittany eventually ventured to North Carolina Central University.  As I made new friends in college and I went home fewer times throughout the year as I progressed through college, the three of us made sure to meet up with each other every now and then when our schedules permitted.  Seven years later we’re closer than ever even after only seeing each other a handful of times a year.

This past weekend we decided to meet up for a reunion as it was a while since we’ve been solely in each other’s presence.  Brittany hosted while Dee Dee had to make a 3 1/2 hour trip and I was sick.  The trio was back together again!  Friday night we made indoor s’mores.  It was our first time having a s’more (which were very good).  Britt works in property management and she got called into work Saturday on her day off so in good friend fashion, we spend the day with her at the office.  While Britt worked, I read through some news websites to keep up with current events and I helped Dee Dee study for her college and grad school entry exams.  I must say anatomy is fun for a business person like me… the Thymus function is for T-Cell Development…am I right Dee?!

Indoor S’mores and eggnog!


While we worked 😉 we decided that we needed to spend more time together.  We came up with the idea of going on penny vacations in where we would agree to travel somewhere where we’ve never been before, by saving our pennies.  Not too literal, but nonetheless we will set aside any extra income in order to make new memories.

Penny Pinned
Penny Pinned!


To go about picking our first penny vacation, we decided to flip a penny onto a map to see where it landed but it kept going off the map.  That’s where we decided to go with the “Pin the Penny on the map” method.  Britt was elected, blind-folded and twirled and she blindly picked our first location.

Penny Vacation
Our first Penny Vacation – Austin, TX

We’re going to Austin, Texas!  Our goal is to attend the music showcases for SXSW in March!  Until then we will be researching and planning.  Any help, advice is appreciated!!!

Author: Cassandra Williams

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