When an Interview Immediately turns into a Crisis Management Scenario

In recent news Charlie Bothuell has been missing.  The family presume the boy walked out of the house because his mother was going to tell his father about not doing his chores.  Nancy Grace was just getting ready to interview the boy’s father on live TV when she got a report that the boy had just been found in the father’s basement.  Literally the boy’s father discovered that his son had been found just as Nancy’s producers were receiving reports from Detroit.  See the link below:


The boy’s father was immediately surprised however it seemed a little weird that the father did not immediately get up and leave the interview to find out more information.  Instead Charlie’s father continued to sit for the live interview.  Maybe Charlie’s father was too shocked and relieved to hear the news.  Nancy then presumes to question if the family checked the basement.  This interview soon turned into a small but public interrogation.

Charlie’s father then presume to defend himself by answering Nancy’s questions.  Charlie Langton from WWJ News Radio was on the line with Nancy confirming reports that the child is alive while the father is still on camera.  Langton and also commented on how it was possible and pointed out other questions that are unclear and very suspicious.  Until more details are release, it is unclear of how everyone could have missed Charlie hidden away in the basement.

Do you think Charlie’s father knew of his son’s whereabouts?  What are your thoughts?


Author: Cassandra Williams

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