#100LifeGoals for 2014



I attended an online event hosted by Shaun King a few days ago and we promoted the event using the hashtag #100lifegoals.  There were a lot of great speakers that spoke and gave inspiring advice on how to accomplish your goals for 2014.

One thing I took from the event was from Carl Lentz, a pastor in NYC and that was to write more. This includes on my blog and actually writing on paper. I was so inspired that I paused the webinar and went out and bought a notebook.

Now I thought coming up with reasonable goals would be the hard part but I actually had a hard time trying to pick out an actual journal. I’m usually a simple, professional woman and I would normally go for a plain black leather-bound notebook. Then I thought, I need to step outside my comfort zone and buy something unique. I chose a very a vibrant, bohemian-feel journal filled with pink pages, edged in gold.

My goal is to attempt to write every other day, if not every day.  I wrote a note on my Facebook page, listing the attainable goals I plan on accomplishing this year…instead of making resolutions for the New Year.  Take a look at my goals below, in no particular order:

  • Generate an alternate source of income (most important)
  • Stretch more
  • Give up certain foods for Lent
  • Try an all vegan diet for a week
  • Read more books (shooting for at least 10 this year but I hope to do more)
  • Leave the country
  • Find a church
  • Work towards getting back to high school size (least important)
  • Write more

What are some of the goals you plan on reaching by the end of 2014?


Author: Cassandra Williams

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