I’m Obsessed: Personally and Professionally!!!

Beyonce Superbowl

BEYONCE!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH! Ok, now that I’ve got my excitement out of the way, I wanted to blog about my favorite singer/performer/entertainer right now.  Beyonce is back and she shows no signs of slowing down.  I’ve been a fan since Destiny’s Child.  Her music is empowering and she inspires me to have confidence in myself.

Ever since my marching band days back in high school, we’ve always had a Beyonce dance feature, except that one time when we had a Whitney Houston feature.  Her music is something you can not only dance to, but relate with as well.

Professionally speaking, I also look up to Beyonce as an amazing business woman.  She knows how to plan well in advance.  Her Super Bowl 47 performance was absolutely amazing, so much so that she literally brought the game to a halt when the lights went off!  I love how she is in charge of her business.  Her offices in NYC is set up with cameras everywhere and she has her own personal cameraman to follow her around so she can document almost every second of her life.  Did you see her videos on her website leading to the big Super Bowl show?  Yep, that’s all her doing.  Singer, actress, executive producer, songwriter, dancer, and so much more, I look up to her as a person that goes on to accomplish all of her goals, no matter what!

I plan on working for her one day, whether it be on her team of publicists or one of her backup dancers 🙂  Will you be attending her Mrs. Carter World Tour?


Author: Cassandra Williams

Public relations and marketing professional. Subscribe to share my journey to fulfilling my dreams as a marketing and public relations professional.

2 thoughts on “I’m Obsessed: Personally and Professionally!!!”

  1. Thank you for sharing your excitement! I do love some Beyonce on occasion, and I’d be lying if I denied that I learned a little Single Ladies choreography myself. Ahem.

    And now I have some excitement to share back with you — MARCHING BAND! Yes, I was a huge band geek in school, and loved every second of it. A lot of important life lessons to be learned from marching band, right?

    Beyonce would be lucky to have you on her team.


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