Is Bigger Always Mean Better?

Lonely office man

Working in-house public relations for my company has it’s many ups and downs.  Recently, we had a sales meeting in which all of our sales representatives flew in from their respected hometowns.  Due to my previous boss obtaining another position with a different company, and due to the many duties she was responsible for, I was able to get not only a raise but also most of her duties as well as her office.

Now her office just so happens to be the largest office at our company’s headquarters.  Going from assistant to manager in eight short  months with no training was a drastic change.  I needed her office for her computer with all the important files but her office was used for storage and as a mini-photography studio.

One of the sales people has been into my office multiple times before and has never said anything to me about the size of the office.  As soon as another sales person walks in to ask a question the first salesperson, who are both men by the way, the first person makes a comment about having the biggest office.  I smiled but assured them that I didn’t care about this size and yet, the other sales person commented “Yeah we know but it’s ALL about size.”

This is the question I pose to you.  Does bigger always mean better?  I would say not in all cases.  I went from having a nice private desk, where I was rarely visited to having an office full of things where people rudely walk in without knocking to see if it’s fine to come in.  I could be on a conference call with the door shut and co-workers would just walk right in, even though my door is always open 99% of the time.  Maybe it’s their way of showing that even though I have the biggest office, I have little power and it’s nothing I can do about it.  Even though I could care less, it still doesn’t change the fact that I have the biggest office and to them, size does matter so who has the last laugh?


Author: Cassandra Williams

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