7 Tips on Successfully Packing for a Business/Vacation Trip

Many of us in public relations feel like taking a vacation when we go weeks/months working countless hours on the computer, stressful planning of events, and just plain long hours of work. When finally deciding where to go for vacation, some may realize other opportunities may present itself in which you will have to put on your work hat again. Here are 7 tips to capitalize off packing clothes that can be use for business and pleasure:

1. Remember you are only going to be away for a finite number of days. Have backups but don’t pack your entire wardrobe for a four day vacation.
2. In reference to tip 1, to help lighten your suitcase load, take pictures of each outfit so that you know what you will be wearing each day. Also take note of what you will be doing each day and plan each outfit accordingly.
3. Check the weather for your destination a few days before departing. Remember, even paradise has it’s rainy days.
4. Capitalize off your shoes! Ladies, your black or nude heels can go with multiple outfits, business and pleasure. This will lead you to a lighter load.
5. If you are trying to pack all of your belongings in a carry-on bag/suitcase so that you don’t have to pay checked bag fees and you have to have that extra shirt or pair of shoes, utilize the space in your purse or computer bag.
6. Ponder on if it’s necessary to pack multiple outfits for each day.
7. Layer your clothes together to save space while packing.  For instance, lay all of your shirts on top of each other on your bed and fold them together.  Do the same of your bottoms and undergarments.

Remember these tips and you will thank yourself later during your vacation when you didn’t over-pack with multiple clothing choices that you didn’t wear.


Author: Cassandra Williams

Public relations and marketing professional. Subscribe to share my journey to fulfilling my dreams as a marketing and public relations professional.

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