You Never Know- PReviewing PeRception

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Many people are quick to judge people based off their looks or first impressions.  To be honest, it’s hard not to judge!  No matter what the situation is, always take a deeper look at situations before you get quick to judge.

I recently volunteered at an event in Atlanta.  I was in charge of media relations while another volunteer I worked with was in charge of checking in the celebrities and the V.I.P’s.  We sat together for 5 hours and had an amazing conversation.  In many of our conversations, we talked about the people we’ve met and our many experiences in our lives.

It made me reflect on a time where I volunteered at a homeless shelter.  A few of us at one of UNCG’s organizations brought food and we were in charge of serving dinner to the people staying at the church.  These women guests were to arrive at a certain time in the evening and leave a certain time the next morning.  When the guests began to arrive, I noticed that they didn’t have much.  When listening to some of their stories, I realized that one of the women was around my age.  An older woman had asked a younger woman about a test.  This is when I realized that the younger woman was in college, taking classes, and even had a laptop and books to study with.  Before this day, in my mind, my thought process was if you are sleeping in a homeless shelter it’s because you may have hit rock bottom and need help.  WRONG.  Everyone’s situation is different.  This young woman was pushing through her situation, not letting it affect her studies.

Don’t be too quick to judge.  You never know that very person may be the gatekeeper in your next project.


Author: Cassandra Williams

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