Understanding your PRiorities

(I originally meant to post this before the election but read this and think about how you can now start prioritizing important events that will affect your life.)

People where are our priorities?!?!?!!!

Everywhere you turn there is someone wearing the latest kicks that have been released by Nike, Reebook, or another leading brand shoe company.  These shoes are so creatively designed that clothing companies will design shirts with the same colors from the shoes so that shoe buyers will have no choice but to buy that shirt to match their shoes.  We stand in lines for hours to buy shoes, to get on a ride for an event, to eat in a restaurant, and to get in a club but when it comes to voting it isn’t important.

Society has screwed with our minds!  I blame, in part, the media for taking our attention off important issues such as which laws are being passed and who is running for office in your city on to seeing who is dating who in the celebrity world or why everyone should be a size 2.  We try to conform to society standards and to what other people are saying is cool that we let slip what should truly matter.  More of our attention should be towards knowledge of who is running for city mayor and what issues they want to highlight.

I’m not saying spend your life only caring about politics or things you MAY consider boring but it should be something to think about.  These politicians in office have the power to change what you think can never change.  For instance, they can outlaw manufacturing of shoes over $100 because they think it’s too much of a luxury and we should be spending our money on better things.  You never know…

But it’s just not the media.  We have to take responsibilities in educating ourselves.  You might want to start a business but once you have invested months into planning, you find out that the governor of your state has implemented a new law that interferes with launching your business.  Who’s fault is that?  Yours of course because you didn’t take the time to research and watch the news.  You followed gossip blogs and hopped on the bandwagon to do what everyone else is doing.

You have the power to make a difference, all it takes is a little research.


Author: Cassandra Williams

Public relations and marketing professional. Subscribe to share my journey to fulfilling my dreams as a marketing and public relations professional.

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