Thanksgiving Thursday is the New Black Friday

Times are a-changin’!

About a year ago, I posted a blog about Black Friday being a war zone because there were so many stories on the news about people getting hurt just to get good deals for Christmas presents. Cyber Monday was definitely an alternative to Black Friday for me.

Today, Black Enterprise published an article by C.Daniel Baker emphasizing how Thanksgiving Day is the new Black Friday.  For the past two years, big chain stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Toy-R-Us have been opening their doors on Thanksgiving evening to have a pre-Black Friday sale, in which many of the same deals will be available during the holiday.

Personally, I like the option of shopping on Thanksgiving Day.  Every year I have two families to visit during the Thanksgiving Holiday, which means double the food for me.  Both sides of my family eat early so my Thanksgiving day is over around five or six in the evening. Being that people are still eating with their families, or even that it’s a national holiday, Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time for me to avoid massive crowds.  Unfortunately for me, I fear that these big chain stores will make more and more deals available on Thanksgiving Day and will soon stay open for Thanksgiving Day within the upcoming years.

I’m not a huge fan of Black Friday because you spend hours waiting in line, waiting to get a toy, waiting in line to pay for a toy, waiting in line to get down an isle, and searching for hours for that family member that has gone astray from the group.  It’s too much of a pain for me at this point of my life.  Unless I HAVE to have a specific item, I won’t be doing Black Friday for a few more years. I will continue to shop during Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday.

Do you like the option of shopping on Thanksgiving?  Do you wish you could shop on Christmas too?

For your viewing pleasure, click here to view Target’s 2012 Black Friday commercial ads.


Author: Cassandra Williams

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