How to Craft the Perfect Cover Letter and Resume for the Job

Through my experience with The Bryan School of Business and Economics of UNCG, I’ve learned that you have to stand out in your cover letter and resume pitches to each and every job.  I’ve help my friends before in the past to customize their cover letters and resumes.  Here are some tips to do just that:

  • Use action verbs in your resume.  When listing each job duties under a job title, start it off with an action verb such as developed, created, managed, conduced, moderated, increased, and formulated.
  • Research each company and the job responsibilities of that position.  Figure out which past experiences and internship matches up with that position to include in your resume and cover letter.  You can go into detail about other supporting  positions when you get that interview!
  • Unless you have over 10 years experience or the job asks for it, keep your resume under 1 page.  Having more than 2 pages automatically gets you looked over.  More times than not they don’t care about other experiences if it doesn’t directly relate to what they need.
  • Reference something about the company that you like in your cover letter.  Again, DO YOUR RESEARCH!  Look at the company’s mission and goals and see if they align with your own.  If they don’t, rethink applying.  Don’t work for a cigarette company if you don’t support it.  Then again, even if you don’t agree with it but still want to work there, find that connection that will get you the interview.
  • Don’t forget a thank you note if the company decides to grant you an interview.  I will admit that I also make this mistake.  It could be a deal breaker and it lets the employer know that you took the time to thank them.  I would recommend an actual snail mail letter but a great email will also work.

Remember if you scored the interview, go above and beyond to stand out.  Confidence is key!


Author: Cassandra Williams

Public relations and marketing professional. Subscribe to share my journey to fulfilling my dreams as a marketing and public relations professional.

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