How to Network at an Event

When you meet people from work, on-go-to conferences, and tradeshows, the people you meet may help you with your next project for work.  Here are a few tips:

Arrive early-make sure that you are prepared for the event that you are attending.  Chances are others will do the same and you can connect instantly without a room full of people in your way.

Don’t be afraid to speak first– sometimes breaking the ice requires nothing more than a smile and an introduction.  You can also casually walk beside someone and comment on how wonderful the previous speaker was.

Ask a question– if something was unclear at the conference, chances are other attendees may help you find the correct answer.  Thank them and introduce yourself.  This will also unintentionally break the ice and for a conversation between two strangers.

Have business cards ready– stand out when networking.  Having a plain business card will take the experience of networking on a downward slope.  Make the business card help the other person remember who you are.  Include a photo on your cards.  Make sure you get as many business cards as possible.

Follow up– after the event is over and it has been a few days after you have settle from your trip back home, follow up with the people you’ve connected with.  It can be simple as just touching base with them and keeping the conversation going with emails every now and then.  Maybe share an article they would find interesting.


Author: Cassandra Williams

Public relations and marketing professional. Subscribe to share my journey to fulfilling my dreams as a marketing and public relations professional.

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