Help me!

On a hot, humid day earlier this season, I was relaxing by the pool reading my book. While reading I stopped periodically to watch this woman and her four beautiful little girls play in the pool. The oldest was almost as big as her mother but the other three were really small, no more than 7 years old.

One of the girls were swimming in the 5 foot end of the pool. She was struggling to stay afloat and none of her family was near by to help her. She yelled out “Help me! Help me!” and in an instance, her older sister jumped in to save her tired little arms.

My take on this situation is that it is ok to ask for help. You may not be an expert in an area that you are assigned a task to but that is why we have co-workers and professionals in the industry. Network and pick their brain. You may be sinking but if you ask for help, you will float to safety. I find this vital in the public relations industry.

And that’s exactly what I did.  I took initiative and found a PR agency in my area and met with the CEO.  She gave me great advice and I really need to start working on some things.


Author: Cassandra Williams

Public relations and marketing professional. Subscribe to share my journey to fulfilling my dreams as a marketing and public relations professional.

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