Research, Measure, & Ask questions!

I recently moved into a new apartment about a couple of months ago. I needed furniture for my living room. I finally found what I thought was the perfect thing. With the help of my daddy :), I was able to get it. There is only one problem: it didn’t fit in my living room when it was finally delivered!

I should have measured the space of my living room before. The love seat was so close to the television. When I looked at the receipt, it said all sales are final, no exchanges. I got really angry, at myself. I should have known better than to make a huge purchase without figuring out if it would fit.

I didn’t have anything to lose so I called the furniture place back and kindly asked them if I could exchange it for a sectional I saw that was the same price. Let me give you the background of my furniture visits, yes visits with an s. You see I had been to that furniture store four times already and spoke with the same man. On my last time he was happy to learn that I was going to pay the full amount. He kept saying I looked like his sister and also commented on my firm handshake. Luckily for me, I didn’t take the couch set out of the plastic so they agreed to exchange it despite their no exchange policy. I was praying and thanking God the entire time! That would have been a costly mistake on my behalf.

Sometimes it’s ok to challenge the rules. You may get an outcome in your favor. Think about the pros and cons of every decision you make and then decide a course of action if your plan doesn’t work out the way you desired.

My lovely new sectional that I had to go through so much trouble to get. It’s so comfortable and easy to fall asleep on.

Author: Cassandra Williams

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