Colorblocking! My new favorite fashion trend.

Normally, I don’t really follow the fashion trends or follow what everyone else is doing. I usually do my own thing and make my own rules. I’m not the fashionista but I’m coming into my own little fashion knowledge. I want to share with you some tips on my favorite Spring 2012 trend: Color blocking.

Color blocking consists of incorporating different colors in your wardrobe, colors you wouldn’t normally put together.  For the picture above, I sported a tangerine blazer and sky blue jeans from Forever 21 and a white shirt from Criminal Minded Clothing.  It’s very important not to overdo the trend with no more than four colors.  Me personally, I wouldn’t do no more than three.  I would also wear a yellow shirt with this outfit but I have a yellow clutch instead.  Just keep the shoes in a neutral, nude color to make the outfit a true block.  If you want to wear color heels, then sport a neutral top/blazer.  Always have one thing neutral/white.  Everything you have on shouldn’t be colorful, including accessories.

What do you think of color blocking for professional dress?  Do you think it’s wise to block in the office?

Author: Cassandra Williams

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