Mega Millions Lotto

The Lottery is at a record $500 Million Dollars! The odds of winning is 1 in 176 million. Many people have been talking about what they would do with their money. Here is what I would do:

Above all-contact a lawyer, accountant, and financial people.

1. Help out my mother, family, & loved ones

2. Pay my rent off until my lease ends. That will give me time to figure out where to move when my lease is over.

3. Buy a car

4. SHOP!


6. Start a couple of businesses and invest in a couple of businesses

7. Set aside money for my kids (which by the way I have none of at the moment)

8. Save the rest

Many people I’ve spoken too know exactly what they want to do with their money. Me…while I like to make money, I try not to think about money even though it’s a necessity in today’s society. Sometimes it seems unrealistic to have plans about winning the lottery because more likely than not, you won’t win it. I’d rather have plans for planned checks that I will receive in the near future.


Author: Cassandra Williams

Public relations and marketing professional. Subscribe to share my journey to fulfilling my dreams as a marketing and public relations professional.

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