Living online: When does social media become too personal?

Social media is a part of everyday life. Well, to me it is. I not only use social media for personal benefits but I use it on behalf of my company as well. When I was in high school, I wanted to join Facebook in hopes that I meet people at my then future college of UNCG. I was young and desperate back then because no one from my graduating class went to UNCG with me so I had to reconnect with people all over again in a different city with no family around of at least 100 miles.

When in college, I used social media to reconnect with the people I went to high school with. I also use it for class projects. I even had a class that my professor required us to join Twitter to get updates on class assignments. This was when I was in my “I will never join Twitter” stage (I’m so glad I’m on it now). Twitter was really good for my senior project when we had to put on an event for Chevrolet. We had to let the world know about it, especially UNCG so we started our own hashtag and some of us still use it today.

Through the course of me first signing on to social media, I’ve received many friend requests to have people that I do not know at all see my personal Facebook page. This is my own personal rule but I will not accept your friend request if I do not know you at all. Many people will try to destroy you just by being nosy. Many people on social media should be careful what they put on the internet because there is always a record of it, even when it’s deleted.

From two different friends of mine they’ve told me different social media scenarios that went wrong. The first, had an acquaintance that thought she was mad at that person because she wasn’t following her on Twitter. From the other, got approached in a night club and was about to get into a physical altercation because she would accept her friend request.

Now I love social media and I’m always dabbling in it but it isn’t my life. It is only a part of my life. Many people have begun to live on the internet instead of real life. Some people take the smallest thing too personal in online communities. For me, I use my Facebook profile personally to reconnect with people I’ve met in the past and I use my Twitter both personally and professionally. How do I do that? I connect and network with people in my industry as well as a few friends that I don’t mind seeing their tweets on my timeline. I don’t use curse words or vulgar language or talk about anything that could offend my network connects.

Don’t forget, there is a beautiful life outside of that computer/mobile cellular phone of yours.


Author: Cassandra Williams

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