52 Books in 52 weeks #52in52

For some reason, I could not log onto my blog to do this post earlier last month but I can finally write about it now. I’ve been following @OberBecca on Twitter ever since I took her ed class at NACA 2011 in St. Louis. In her blog she posted last year about reading 52 books in 52 weeks. I thought to myself this is an interesting challenge and I would like to see if I could beat the challenge.

So far I have not been doing well.  I’ve only read one book and still stuck on the second.  I blame that on all of the work I’ve been caught up on.  I will be reading not only new books that matches my interest but I will be reading old books that I have read before (Nicholas Sparks).  I hope that this will train me to become a faster reader as well as expand my vocabulary skills even further.

I challenge you all to read more.  See how many you can read in one year.  If you follow me on twitter @Johnson_Cassie, you will see me refer to some of my books that I’m currently reading or you can just follow the conversation about this challenge by following #52in52.  Let’s read together!


Author: Cassandra Williams

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