NJ says GPS tracking of Spouse is Ok

For all of my future lawyers:

I’m still a lawyer-wannabe at heart, even though I’m not going right away but I found this interesting. An appeals court judge in NJ says that putting a GPS in your spouse’s car is not an invasion of privacy. A woman divorced her husband because she found out he was cheating on her after putting a GPS in their equally-owned car. The woman also hired a private investigator. The case was against the investigator. The court ruled since the car was on public streets, it’s no different than tailing the car. My problem with the decision of this ruling was that this ruling was so case-specific to the details of this case so if another issue came up such as boyfriend/girlfriends vs. husband/wife or if the car was a gift or owned by one party vs. equally-owned. The court should have made a broader ruling of this decision because the next time a similar case arises in court, attorneys from both parties will have their way of interpretting it. Tell me what you think. View the link below:


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Author: Cassandra Williams

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