Southern LEAD-Delta Sigma Pi

This past weekend I had the privilege of traveling with nine of my brothers from the Iota Omega chapter of Delta Sigma Pi to the Southen L.E.A.D Provincial conference. L.E.A.D. stands for Leadership and Excellence Academies for Deltasigs. This conference was a great way to meet new brothers and pledges and to network.

I met some amazing brothers that I plan to keep in contact with. I also had the privilege of meeting and speaking briefly with our Grand Chapter President Mark Chicchiari from the Beta Nu chapter.
I really need to work on my elevator speech because that’s where I personally meet our Grand Chapter President, although it was a quick elevator ride so I can’t blame myself for that.

I’m lucky to be a part of an organization that gives me the opportunity to meet all types of business people. My networks are unlimited!!!


Author: Cassandra Williams

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